Episode 8- Be well Parenting

Welcome to District Family Episode 8

We were nodding our heads the whole time because Hope and I know as caregivers how hard parents work and worry about certain aspects when it comes to raising their children💕 
We are all trying to do what’s best for them but having someone by your side like Summer could help you take the pressure of your shoulders and throw away the expectations about parenting that we have now a days, you are the best parent for your children💖

Her philosophy is based on knowing your child well and adopting strategies that work well for he or she beyond what textbookok might say or what other families are doing


District Family ep 8 - Be Well Parenting from Lenzy Ruffin on Vimeo.

I personally agree, after caring for more than 15-20 different children, I know that they are all different. Even siblings, twins, triplets can be total opposites, so navigating them is unique experience everytime💕 
This is a no judgement zone and btw, if you are a parent, a mom, a nanny, know that you are doing awesome and we hope that little conversations like this help you in someway or another💕

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