The Playroom of your dreams and your kid's too

Have you ever looked at your living room and think WHY? Dolls and cars everywhere, you are avoiding stepping on blocks and hard figurines, while also knowing that this is your life now and little humans have taken over. I know embracing the mess in parenthood can be brave, but that doesn't mean your house should be covered in a sea of legos. There has to be a better way, Right?

Let us introduce you to grOH! Playrooms! they are an amazing Educational Design Firm that works with families and businesses to create intentional, educational, and beautiful play spaces. Children won't want to leave! And you will get back your space. 


grOH! uses a transformational three pillar approach to design, focusing on the Educational, Aesthetic, and Organizational elements to optimize every space they create with kids and their needs at the center of it all.  Their balanced-play approach promotes purposeful play that supports healthy development.  grOH! Playrooms works on projects for kids of all ages and for all kinds of spaces, including dedicated playrooms, children’s bedrooms and nurseries, flexible play spaces, and commercial play spaces.  With a variety of service options, families and businesses have the flexibility to relax and choose how to infuse their spaces with more play, learning, and joy.



Meet the founders Anne and Jodi

grOH! has designed packages that essentially makes it easier for families to put some of the best custom features into their homes! Right now, the packages include reading nooks, montessori inspired play spaces, tinkering/art studio, climbing areas, STEM learning and more! Every package includes everything: the products, labor, materials, and professional installation required for you to have a totally turn key play area.  Sign up for our newsletter so you can receive more information on the different options they have for play spaces and more!

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In celebration of their 1st birthday, grOH! is offering a 25% discount on all of their play packages until April 30th!

Residential service details and pricing information is attached.  Check out their website or contact them at for more information.

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