The Secret Power of Infant Massage

The Secret Power of Baby Massage


As the owner of a business teaching parents the art and science of baby massage and a native to the Indian culture, I’m often surprised at either how many people in America still have not heard of baby massage or how many don’t understand its power limiting it to a luxury practice.


Baby massage has been around for thousands and thousands of years. People in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and South America were practicing it to relieve short term and long term symptoms and situations. Like many ancient practices, these communities were wise beyond their years and tapped into the wisdom and power of baby massage without clinical studies or advanced technology. They used their senses to collect powerful anecdotal information about the need for and the benefits of baby massage. To this day, in India, a midwife comes to the home of a new mother, and massages and bathes mom and baby for three months!!


There are so many significant benefits for baby massage, you’ll be wondering why wouldn’t I massage my baby? And, you’d be right. Take a look!


  • Deeper and longer sleep patterns

Baby: “She had you at this one, right?”


  • Relief of gas and colic

Baby: “No more writhing pain for me with “no known cause” while you endlessly cuddle and cradle, rock and swing? Yes, please!”


  • Improved digestion

Baby: “Yay! Days on end without me eliminating are of the past.”


  • Increased circulation

Baby: “Look ma! No more cold hands and feet!"


  • Increased mobility

Baby: “Spending my whole existence with very little space means my arms and legs stayed close to me but not any more! I’ll be moving in no time.”


  • Increased brain growth

Baby: “I’ll for sure surpass those other babies listening to Baby Einstein”


  • Improved parent child bonding

Baby: “This one! Especially for dads and partners, who struggle to bond with me those early days.”


  • Improved breastfeeding relationship

Baby: “Breastfeeding was easy!” Said no mom ever.”


  • Improved immunity

Baby: “Fewer sick days for us and less time off of work and school? Check!”


  • Decreased postpartum depression

Baby: “Oodles of oxytocin that baby and mama release during massage means a gift of lots of feel good hormones for everyone.”


  • Increase in pre language skills, smiles, and more

Baby: “I’ll be cooing in no time!”


  • Increased growth

Baby: “Sure, I’m a half pint but with daily massage I’ll be ready to face that silly growth chart!”



Well, your baby has spoken, as have millions of babies around the world for thousands of years. Baby massage is a must-do practice to incorporate into your daily routine. Don’t know the proper techniques to massaging your baby? Fear not! We have private and group and online instruction for all families in mind. Check out to learn more and drop us a line!


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