Special Events

Do you have an event coming up?

District Sitter has extensive experience providing babysitters for weddings, corporate events, charity events, and family reunions in the DC and northern Virginia area. We can provide amazing caregivers for that very special occasion to guarantee that children and adults have a great time!

Our event services include:

* Age appropriate toys and games
* Arts and crafts projects
* Books, songs and story times
* Playing packs and boppy pillows (if requested)

The number of babysitters provided for events may be determined based on the following caregiver/child ratio: 

Infants (up to 12 months) 1:1
Babies (12 to 24 months) 2:1
Toddlers (2 to 4 years) 3:1
Pre-School (4 to 6 years) 4 or 5:1

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